The Ryder Cup-Hole No.8-Sidlin’ Brows

419 yards, Par 4

This hole will present all the players at The Ryder Cup with options. A great majority of The Ryder Cup players will play the ball out to the right, trying to get a good view into the green. The green has bunkers on both sides. However, If the conditions are right it may lead players to try to drive it over the four bunkers on the left side, attempting  to shorten the hole down to a short sand wedge into the green. So there is an option for players. Some  will take the option to take the bunkers out of play.
The Ryder Cup’s longest of drivers can contemplate carrying the bunkers from the tee so a lay up short of the bunkers is likely to be the shot chosen . However, if the tee shot finds the wrong side of the fairway, the approach to the green will be blind.