The Ryder Cup Hole No.13-Wimplin’ Wyne

481 yards, Par 4

There are a variety of lines that The Ryder Cup players could take on the tee shot which is relatively level then the hole goes down into a little valley in front of the green. The green sits in a hill. Where the wind will play a great factor in how they play the hole.
This hole should prove to be a tough test even for the best players. The Ryder Cup Players will probably take a driver and fly the ball over the right side of the bunker, which is about 260 yards from the tee, but another bunker waits for a drive that slips right and deep rough waits for a shot going left. Into the wind, the front bunker guarding the approach to the green might come into play. Any second shot missing the green will leave a very tricky up and down.